• Machine wash and dry, reversible for cool or warm temperatures, never clump, sized to fit standard crates - wash these beds hundreds of times and they'll look like new! 100s Washes Beds/Crate Pads

    100s Washes Beds/Crate Pads

    What's so special about our 100s Washes Beds/Crate Pads?   Wash and Dry: Machine wash in cold water; machine dry. You can wash these beds hundreds of times. For pets with allergies, it’s important to wash bedding regularly to help...
  • Protective covers fit standard crate pads and beds.

    K9 Water-Repellent Bed Cover

    Keep your dog's bedding clean with our K9 Water-repellent Bed Covers. Ideal when training in barns or for every day use in your vehicle or home. Fits standard crate sizes. These water-repellent liners keep bedding clean and dry when slipped...
  • K9 Waterproof Bed Cover

    K9 Waterproof Bed Cover

    Ideal for dock diving, field trials, agility or any outdoor dog sport, these 100% waterproof covers keep bedding dry when slipped over our 100 Washes Bed or your existing bed or crate pad or stuffed with blankets or towels. Also makes the ideal...