• Safety, privacy and protection from chilly drafts and cold floors. With the sides closed, the covered crate is toasty warm from the dog's body heat.

    All-Seasons Crate Cover

    Made-to-order cover transforms your dog’s airy crate into a comfortable, cozy haven for indoor or outdoor use. Zippered sides roll up for summer use and for winter use, an optional insulated bottom provides thermal comfort and with the sides...
  • Custom made-to-order cover provides ventilation and protection from insects. Roll-up front door panel. Accessory pocket on top.

    Bug-Off Crate Cover

    The perfect solution for protecting your dog from heartworm carrying mosquitoes, bees and other insects when crating your dog at an outside trial or competition.  Material: Top-marine-grade 100% polyester that is waterproof, mildew and...
  • Carrier simplifies transporting wire crates from your vehicle to the training facility or agility trial site without pinching fingers or hands. Stowed in the carrier crates cannot snag or damage other items.

    K9 Crate Carrier

    Fold it and Stow it - Slide your wire crate into our heavy duty carrier for easy transport and to protect snagging or damaging surfaces when stowed in your car or RV. No more pinched fingers or sore hands, especially if the plastic handles broke or...
  • Only the door rolls-up. Roll up sides and end are optional. Only the door rolls-up. Roll up sides and end are optional.

    Sun Dog Solar Crate Cover

    The ultimate in protection for your dog from the sun and insects, this custom made-to-order cover reduces heat and glare while allowing natural ventilation and insect protection. 100% fiberglass solar screening with a 90% UV blockage rating...