• Sun Dog Solar X-Pen Cover

    Sun Dog Solar X-Pen Cover

    Cover provides shelter, safety, security and prevents escapes. Fits  standard 48” x 48” square (8 panel) x-pens from Midwest, Precision, Majestic, Top Paw and any brand with standard 6" vertical wire spacing (24", 30", 36", etc.)...
  • Double-wide, one piece solar mesh x-pen cover. Shown with one single solar cover on the left. Side fits 4" below x-pen top edge. Full-height side option is available.

    Sun Dog Solar X-Pen Wraparound

    One-piece, double-wide side solar screen wraps around two panels to offer the ultimate in ventilation while blocking 90% of the sun’s heat and glare. Fits 48” (1.2m) wide X-pens (96"/243cm long).  Heavy-duty 100% black...