K9 Pocket-Tectors 3-PAK

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  • Hidden pocket liner treat bag - Jeans Mens fit the deeper men's pockets.
  • Pocket liners - Capri are square to fit capris or square pockets often found on winter coats.
  • Hidden pocket liner treat bag - Ladies 3 pak black
  • Hidden pocket liner treat bag - Ladies 3 pak light blue
  • Hidden pocket liner treat bag - Ladies 3 pak navy
  • Hidden pocket liner treat bag - Size Comparison: Jeans Ladies left, Jeans Mens right
  • Hidden pocket liner treat bag - Men's 3 pak


With these pocket liners you’ll have no more slimy pockets, no more food stained pants and the treats are hidden from your dog, unlike a waist-mounted treat pouch. Made of durable 600 denier 100% polyester with a waterproof coating that makes cleaning easy. The "Tector" slips into your pocket and a quick-slip “hook” clips over your pant pocket to lock the Pocket-Tector in place. 

Gals 3-PAK 

  • 1 Jeans Ladies Right (5-1/2" /14cm wide x 7-1/2"/19cm high)
  • 1 Jeans Ladies Left (5-1/2" /14cm wide x 7-1/2"/19cm high)
  • 1 Capri (5-1/2"/14cm wide x 6" deep/15cm)

Guys 3-PAK 

  • 1 Jeans Mens Right (5-1/2"/14cm wide x 10"/25cm high)
  • 1 Jeans Mens Left (5-1/2"/14cm wide x 10"/25cm high)
  • 1 Men's Square (6-1/2"/16.5cm square)

To Use: Put your hand in the Pocket-Tector, clips to the outside, side it in your pocket and clip it to the pocket edge. 

To Clean: After training or when dirty rinse with dishwashing detergent and water, scrub with a brush if needed and hang to dry. It dries overnight as the fabric is waterproof. Or turn it inside out and put in the washing machine, hang to dry.  

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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Love These

    Posted by Teri on 16th Jul 2019

    Great way to always have treats on hand without the messy pockets. Makes a great gift for any dog handler!!!

  • 5
    No more livered Kleenex

    Posted by Helen A. on 15th Feb 2019

    These Pocket-Tectors are the best. I'm sick of holes in my pockets not to mention pulling out a Kleenex that smells like freeze dried liver.

  • 5
    What a great idea!

    Posted by Mary Ann Jacobs on 15th Feb 2019

    The K9 Pocket-Tectors are fantastic. No more fighting to empty treat crumbs from my pockets or struggling with a plastic bag. The protectors are a perfect fit for my pants or jacket pockets and the clip holds them nicely in place. Definitely a good purchase to anyone that uses treats with their dog training.

  • 4
    Wish there were More Sizes

    Posted by Lorraine Davies on 15th Feb 2019

    I found these to be good however they don't suit every pocket. They only come in one size. [Salty Dog: They are available in 3 sizes. Tip: for shallow pockets, fold the Pocket-Tector end to fit the pocket depth.]

  • 5
    Keeping crumbs out of my pockets

    Posted by Christy K. on 15th Feb 2019

    These are great for keeping dog treats in so my pockets aren't always completely full of treat crumbs. Although I ordered the women's jeans size, they hang out of the pocket a bit. They still work fine, I just fold the outer flap over. They do, however, fit my jacket pockets perfectly. It's nice not to have carry a bait bag everywhere.

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