• "Whippet" Collar Tug Leash

    "Whippet" Collar Tug Leash

    Looking for an agility leash? This tug version of our popular Whippet Collar/Leash combo has a 24” (61cm) piece of thick, soft plush fur that offers a bite area between the handle and the collar. Fur is triple stitched to 1” (25mm)...
  • "Whippet" Style Collar Leash

    "Whippet" Style Collar Leash

    Ideal alternative to choke collars for obedience training or for everyday use with any breed with a long, smooth neck such as Whippets, Boxers, Vizlas, many hounds, smooth-coated terriers or Dalmatians that require the support of a wide, padded collar or...
  • Harness Leash n'Tug

    Harness Leash n'Tug

    Our leash-toy combination clips onto a harness and converts into a tug toy when needed - a leash when walking into the ring and a toy after completing your run. A 29” (73.6cm) piece of thick, soft plush fake fur offers a bite area between the...
  • EZY Dog harness name tag. Julius K9, two-side harness name tags.

    Harness Name Tags

    Name tags for EZY Dog, Julius K9 and other harness brands are embroidered on durable, 18oz black vinyl. As the strips differ depending on harness size, please note the strip length and width in the box provided. If the strip is longer than 5", there is...
  • Long Leash 15'-50'

    Long leashes (lines) are used in tracking and to train recalls, retrieve or to "come" from a distance or to stay connected to your dog when hiking or playing in unsecured areas. Made of high-quality, soft-touch 1” (25mm) tubular climbing webbing...
  • Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash

    Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash

    A martingale-style collar, a fur tug and a bungee shock absorber — all in our best-selling agility and flyball leash. The martingale collar prevents your dog from escaping by tightening up if the dog tries to back out. They are especially...