• "Whippet" Collar Tug Leash

    "Whippet" Collar Tug Leash

    Looking for an agility leash? This tug version of our popular Whippet Collar/Leash combo has a 24” (61cm) piece of thick, soft plush fur that offers a bite area between the handle and the collar. Fur is triple stitched to 1” (25mm)...
  • "Whippet" Style Collar Leash

    "Whippet" Style Collar Leash

    Ideal alternative to choke collars for obedience training or for everyday use with any breed with a long, smooth neck such as Whippets, Boxers, Vizlas, many hounds, smooth-coated terriers or Dalmatians that require the support of a wide, padded collar or...