• K9 Scent Bag

    K9 Scent Bag

    Use to to teach tug for dogs that are not tug motivated or to teach a dog to tug harder, our Scent Bag is made of heavy-duty, durable PVC-coated, fiberglass-reinforced mesh it has no exposed seams (even the side seams are finished). Fill...
  • Portie Treat Bag

    Portie Treat Bag

    This treat bag was designed for June and Sula, a Portuguese water dog, for training water sports. Fill the pouch with treats and use it to motivate retrieving items, take and carry or diving for items underwater. Made of heavy-duty,...
  • Tug n'Treat

    Tug n'Treat

    No more smelly treat bags - Our premium treat pouch with waterproof liner makes cleaning easy and soft, plush fur and a shock absorber rewards your dog with a super tug or delicious treats. Measures 24” (61cm) long; stretches to 33”...