• Bunny Mouse

    Bunny Mouse

    Soft, natural rabbit fur with a heavy duty squeaker buried inside, this toy is pawsitively irresistible to young puppies, toy and mini dogs and is the perfect toy for obedience or confirmation training of all dogs. THIS IS NOT A TUG TOY! Created for...
  • Connect-a-Tug


    Convert any toy into a tugger with our shock-absorbing extension handle - Also makes the perfect toy for dogs that prefer to tug on webbing. Made of 1” (25cm) soft touch, tubular nylon climbing webbing it has an oversize 7” (18cm)...
  • SDC Wash Bags holds about 12 tug toys. Fill with toys and wash on gentle cycle, cold water.

    SDC Wash Bag

    Polyester mesh bag offers an effective and simple way to machine wash your dog's tug toys.Tug toys get very smelly and crusty, and periodic washing is an essential part of good health for your dog. We've always placed toys in a pillowcase that is tied...
  • UdderFun Pocket Toss

    UdderFun Pocket Toss

    Since designing the UdderFun Pocket Toss for Lori and her Belgium Tervurens, this toy has become a popular favourite. We take a "milker" and attach 3/8"(9mm) waterproof MFP rope made in Canada. It’s strong and durable, resistant to rot...