• Border Collie puppy Keys with Bandit Tug. "Awesome tug," Karen C. , Sarnia, ON Bandit


    Real rabbit fur and a squeaker makes the ultimate tug toy for small and mini dogs and young puppies. We made this toy for Bandit, a feisty Papillion, and his mom, Janet, who wanted to develop more toy drive. Made of ultra soft real rabbit fur that...
  • Kent Toss

    Kent Toss

    A popular flyball tug toys, the Kent Toss is made of 1” (25mm) soft-touch tubular nylon climbing webbing that is triple stitch to 10” of thick 7/8” (22mm) 100% vegetable tanned sheep shearling. Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the...
  • Macktail


    Lori liked our B12 so much that she asked us to make a custom toy with fake fur and without a tug for her Border Collie Macken. This toy is easily concealed in your hand or pocket and the "tail" offers an alluring action that many dogs cannot...
  • Munchkin R

    Munchkin R

    This rabbit version of our popular Munchkin tug toy was suggested by Lisa for agility training her dog Willow. Compact, it's easily concealed in your hand or stuffed into a pocket and pups, especially terriers, find the rabbit pawsitively alluring...
  • Orbee-Tuff® Raspberry B12

    Orbee-Tuff® Raspberry B12

    Back by popular demand! You might not know that we invented the Orbee-Tuff ® Raspberry B12 more than 6 years ago when we developed it for veterinarians in the treatment of canine teeth misalignment (known as malocclusion) as an alternative...
  • Quick Loop

    Quick (named after Val's spirited Belgium Malinois who “destructo” tested this toy for us) offers a mouth-hold for your dog and a handhold for you and folds to fit in your pocket. The double grip design gives you better leverage and...
  • Stubby Bottle Kruncher

    Stubby Bottle Kruncher

    We were asked by a few Duck Toller owners to create a smaller version of our popular Super H Bottle Kruncher. The Stubby holds a small 8oz (237ml) water bottle (included) encased in an 8” (20cm) long fake fur pouch made of 1/2"...
  • Switch Teaser

    Switch Teaser

    Switch, a high-drive Border Collie/Staffy, loved the Mini-Teaser but quickly destroyed them so his mom asked us to make one using real fur. Result: A fake fur version of our popular Mini-Teaser sheep shearling tug is tougher and more hard wearing...
  • Whirlwind Fleecer

    Whirlwind Fleecer

    Our Polar fleece tug makes the perfect fun tug toy for dogs or all sizes. A 4-strand tightly woven braid - rather than conventional 3-strand braid - provides a round shape that is more durable, better fits your dog’s mouth and provides just enough...