• Macktail


    Lori liked our B12 so much that she asked us to make a custom toy with fake fur and without a tug for her Border Collie Macken. This toy is easily concealed in your hand or pocket and the "tail" offers an alluring action that many dogs cannot...
  • Munchkin


    Rose asked us to design a fake fur tug toy, without a ball, and one that she could conceal in her hand when training her dog. Fits nicely in the palm of your hand (see photo) or stuffed in a pocket. There’s an 8” (20cm) long thick, soft plush...
  • Quick Loop

    Quick (named after Val's spirited Belgium Malinois who “destructo” tested this toy for us) offers a mouth-hold for your dog and a handhold for you and folds to fit in your pocket. The double grip design gives you better leverage and...
  • Switch Teaser

    Switch Teaser

    Switch, a high-drive Border Collie/Staffy, loved the Mini-Teaser but quickly destroyed them so his mom asked us to make one using real fur. Result: A fake fur version of our popular Mini-Teaser sheep shearling tug is tougher and more hard wearing...