• Buffalo Wild Woolly

    Buffalo Wild Woolly

    Turn on your dog with this tough, durable and wild natural-smelling tug toy made of organically raised Canadian Bison. These Buffalo are raised for organic meat and are free of antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals or growth hormones and a non-toxic,...
  • Bunny Stick HD

    Bunny Stick HD

    A 10” (25cm) long fur bite area of soft, all natural rabbit fur is reinforced with the same PVC-coated seat bottom mesh that we put in our Super H water bottle Krunchers. (Our fur comes from Spain from rabbit that is farm raised for meat and is all...
  • Kent Tug

    Kent Tug

    Sharon asked us to design a toy with a ball and sheepskin that her bouncing Bearded Collie Kent could not destroy. We take 1” (25mm) soft-touch tubular nylon climbing webbing and wrap it around a Planet Dog Recycle ball. The made-in-USA medium...
  • Rip Tugger

    Flyball tested: Four fake fur strands each triple stitched to webbing and tightly woven into a thick, round braid and long enough to drag on the ground as you run. Bottom end is stitched, not knotted, so it won't unravel. Our GRIP ULTRA bungee...
  • Ronan's Tug

    Ronan is a powerful black Labrador that competes in flyball. His mom wanted a tug toy without a ball but with enough action to keep Ronan engaged. We wrap 10” 25cm) of 7/8" (22mm) thick pile, 100% vegetable tanned sheep shearling around 1”...
  • Stubby Bottle Kruncher

    Stubby Bottle Kruncher

    We were asked by a few Duck Toller owners to create a smaller version of our popular Super H Bottle Kruncher. The Stubby holds a small 8oz (237ml) water bottle (included) encased in an 8” (20cm) long fake fur pouch made of 1/2"...
  • Super H + Guard

    Super H + Guard

    One issue flyball competitors have with our Super H Kruncher is that some dogs hit the webbing above the bottle pouch and after a few trials the webbing tears. This toy offers the perfect solution. A protective sleeve — a DeLaval silicone...
  • Super H Bottle Kruncher

    Super H Bottle Kruncher

    Product testing by the Rocket Relay flyball team. The favorite of flyball competitors, our high-action Super H is built to survive the hard-hitting tuggers. Durable and tough, it's built to last. Made of 1/2" (12mm) thick fake fur with a...