• 2x B12 Mega Last Double

    2x B12 Mega Last Double

    Double the fun with our 2x B12. No matter how you pull this toy out of your pocket, you'll always present a ball end to your dog. With two 2” (50mm) diameter Megalast® balls for your dog and a shock absorber for you, you’ll have a
  • Compact, it fits in your pocket or easily concealed in your hand.

    B12 Mega Last Tug

    Whether you have a Jack or a Border Collie this is our most popular pocket tug for all-size mouths. With a 2” (50mm) diameter Megalast ball for your dog and a shock absorber for you, you'll have a chomping and tugging good time. The...
  • Border Collie puppy Keys with Bandit Tug. "Awesome tug," Karen C. , Sarnia, ON Bandit


    Real rabbit fur and a squeaker makes the ultimate tug toy for small and mini dogs and young puppies. We made this toy for Bandit, a feisty Papillion, and his mom, Janet, who wanted to develop more toy drive. Made of ultra soft real rabbit fur that...
  • Bunny Mouse

    Bunny Mouse

    Soft, natural rabbit fur with a heavy duty squeaker buried inside, this toy is pawsitively irresistible to young puppies, toy and mini dogs and is the perfect toy for obedience or confirmation training of all dogs. THIS IS NOT A TUG TOY! Created for...
  • Retired Greyhound racer, Stella, loves her Bunny Toss. 
Mike G, Etobicoke, ON 

    Bunny Toss

    All natural rabbit fur toy in a continuous loop that dogs find pawsitively irresistible! Similar to the Bunny Tug but without the shock-absorbing tug, we take a rabbit pelt and double-stitch it to 1” (25mm) soft-touch tubular nylon climbing...
  • Hollee Tug

    If your dog likes Hol-ee toys it will love our durable, natural rubber, non-toxic Hollee Football that fits nicely in your hand or pocket. We sew 1” (25mm) soft-touch tubular nylon climbing webbing, the same durable webbing we use...
  • Macktail


    Lori liked our B12 so much that she asked us to make a custom toy with fake fur and without a tug for her Border Collie Macken. This toy is easily concealed in your hand or pocket and the "tail" offers an alluring action that many dogs cannot...
  • Mini Teaser

    Mini Teaser

    Irresistible rabbit, indestructible Megalast® Ball and sheep shearling all in a compact toy that fits in your pocket. If you have a ball crazy dog or a fur loving dog that are reluctant tuggers or retrievers or you just want to have the utmost...
  • Munchkin


    Rose asked us to design a fake fur tug toy, without a ball, and one that she could conceal in her hand when training her dog. Fits nicely in the palm of your hand (see photo) or stuffed in a pocket. There’s an 8” (20cm) long thick, soft plush...
  • Munchkin R

    Munchkin R

    This rabbit version of our popular Munchkin tug toy was suggested by Lisa for agility training her dog Willow. Compact, it's easily concealed in your hand or stuffed into a pocket and pups, especially terriers, find the rabbit pawsitively alluring...
  • Orbee-Tuff® Raspberry B12

    Orbee-Tuff® Raspberry B12

    Back by popular demand! You might not know that we invented the Orbee-Tuff ® Raspberry B12 more than 6 years ago when we developed it for veterinarians in the treatment of canine teeth misalignment (known as malocclusion) as an alternative...
  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® Tug

    Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® Tug

    An Orbee-Tuff® Ball for your dog and a shock absorber for you for a
 5 out of 5 Chomping good time! Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption...