• Available in dog- (and human) highly visible yellow, it's soft when gripped and floats! K9 Floater

    K9 Floater

    Made for watersports, especially dock diving, this treat bag throws well, floats and is highly visible on the water. Designed for Morgan at K9 Central to “keep the hot dogs out of the dock diving pool filters,” it's made of heavy-duty 600...
  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® Tug

    Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® Tug

    An Orbee-Tuff® Ball for your dog and a shock absorber for you for a
 5 out of 5 Chomping good time! Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption...
  • Portie Treat Bag

    Portie Treat Bag

    This treat bag was designed for June and Sula, a Portuguese water dog, for training water sports. Fill the pouch with treats and use it to motivate retrieving items, take and carry or diving for items underwater. Made of heavy-duty,...